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My Target Audience is everyone, right? Wrong!

There are a lot of mistakes entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and creatives make when they’re trying to sell their products or services, but one of the most foundational mistakes you can make is NOT knowing your customer.  And I don’t mean not identifying who your customer is.  Most people do that.  What I mean is really knowing your customers.  Like… intimately knowing your customers.

What are their hopes?  What are their fears?
What are their dreams? What are their goals?
What are their wishes? What do they like to eat?
What do they think about? Who do they admire?

 The list goes on and on, but you get the idea… you need to TRULY know your customer.

 This simple statement sounds obvious and straightforward, but you’d be surprised at how many entrepreneurs don’t grasp this concept, take the time to go through this, or understand the weight behind it.

 If that’s you…we’re going to change that today.  

 Let’s start by really narrowing in on your dream customer. This is more than your ideal customer… this is the absolute perfect dream customer.

80/20 Rule

 A lot of people know this rule.  It applies in a lot of aspects of life, but it particularly applies to sales for your business.   The rule is: 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your buyers.  So, that right there narrows your audience down to 20%. But let’s take it a step even further.

Power 4%

What if you zero in on the top 20% of your top 20%?  When you do this, it’s called your Power 4%. And these 4% of customers will drive 64% of your sales!  These are the people you want to focus all of your effort on targeting, knowing, and understanding.

Create The Perfect Avatar

Once you’ve identified who your Power 4% are, it now becomes your sole objective to learn everything you possibly can about them. This is where you get into their mind and learn what makes them tick.  That is the key to going from a few sales here and there to massive amounts of sales driven by fiercely loyal customers of your brand. Here are some questions you can answer to create the perfect avatar that represents your 4%: 

Where do they hang out or congregate?
Where do they get their information?
What is their biggest frustration?
What is their biggest challenge?
What do they want most in life?
What do they fear most in life?
How do they communicate?
How do they talk, and what do they say?
What is does their typical day look like?
What makes them happy?
What makes them angry?
What are their values?
What are their goals?

The list can go on, but if you answer these, that’s a good start!

 Halo Strategy

 This is where the Halo Effect or Halo Strategy comes in. The easiest way to break this concept down is to say it’s pretty much when someone trusts and buys your services and products because they associate it with something else they already trust or buy.  

 Some examples:

✓ Celebrity endorsements – “Someone I like and trust uses this… I should use it too!”
✓ Beautify people – “This person is skinny and beautiful and they do this… I should too!”
✓  Good design – “This site looks professional like all the other sitesI’ve purchased from, so this must be safe too!”

You get the point.  Now let’s circle this back to narrowing in your Power 4%.

You can use theHalo Strategy when you TRULY know your customer like we discussed above.  You can hire celebrity endorsers if you know the person you'r 4% admires.  You can design your websites and marketing ads if you know what your 4% like to see and are used to seeing!

Making sense now?

So, promise me this!  Before you spend another penny on FB ads, Google Ads, SEO, building sales funnels, etc.… KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! Ready to start your research? Submit your email & download your free Halo Strategy Template! Thank me later.


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